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Brand Yourself By Creating the Perfect Cover Letter So You Stand Out To Employers

Are you in the process of hunting and searching for a new job?  If you are, you may be ready to send out resumes.  Before you send out your resume or resumes, you want to take a close look at the cover letter of your resume.  For starters, are you even using a cover letter?

If you are currently not using a cover letter, you may want to rethink your reasons and refrain from sending out your resume, at least for right now.

When it comes to creating the perfect cover letter, always remember  it's a tool to introduce yourself and make you more memorable. Therefore, your cover letter shouldn’t be treated as a generic flyer that you pass out to everyone. Make it well-crafted considering the most important factors - the wishes of that company via the job description.

Sometimes employers will list exactly what addressed in your respnse or when applying to the job. If you are given a sample or directions, you are advised to follow them.  Not following instructions can result in your resume, ending up in the “don’t call,” pile.

As previously stated, a company always has their preferences as to what they would like in their potential candidate, use your cover letters to address how you meet those expectations. Understand that no two companies are truly the same. Each company has it's own unique desires and wants. That is why it is advised that you do not use the same cover letter for each job or resume you send out. Don't treat your job search as a mass email marketing campaign. Be targeted and specific in your search.

Instead, create and distribute well-defined cover letters for each employer you target. Of course, you may have a sample cover letter or a template, but take the time to personalize each cover letter in one way or another.

For instance, if you are applying for the position of a legal secretary, you want to clearly define and state how you qualify for that position. In doing this, you will set yourself apart from the competition since most candidates won't take the time to personalize.  Customizing each of your cover letters to the particular job is a great way to get yourself noticed, as you're showing you took an extra steps.

Another essential element to creating the perfect cover letter is to be direct and to the point. You don't have to make a lengthy cover letter. In today's world, most hiring managers don't have the time to read extremely long resumes or lengthy cover letters.  A cover letter should be at least three paragraphs and you should defintely keep your cover letter under one page.

Do not use colored fonts. Black ink should do.

As for what you should include in your cover letter - you should list a few of your key skills and qualifications as it relates to the job.  It is also important to keep this section of your cover letter short and to the point.  You need to list all your skills. Remember your resume will go into further detail.

Just quickly outline the qualifications and skills that you can offer as it relates to the job. For example, if you are applying for the position of a legal secretary, you will want to summarize your computer software experience, legal knowledge, typing speed, transcription skills, and so forth.

In all honesty, a targeted cover letter is better than no cover letter at all. Therefore, target your job search and your cover letter.

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