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How To Build The "Loyalty Factor" In Your Professional Brand As A Career And Industry Expert

We are a generation and a nation wanting to be special. We want to be richer, more beautiful, better dressed, effortlessly gorgeous, and more educated than any other generation or our competitors.

We want everything to mean more. We want everything to have significance. That's why we flock to our experts and follow certain brands. We crave authenticity in this age of fabrication and falsehood. We "just want it to be real."

These are the things to consider when building up loyalty in your target market. A brand loyal consists of eight basic building blocks:

1. Your Name

2. Brand messaging and communication

3. Your expertise positing. Are you introducing new information or you just repeating what has already been said.

4. Your brand packaging. This is the overall look and feel. It includes your brand's colors. The sound or tone of your brand.

5. Lasting brand experience. What are others experiencing once they encounter you. Make sure you are engaging and interactive on your social platforms.

A Brand is the greater sum of its parts. It is always more than just the nuts and bolts, the pieces; great brands are always the result of the whole equation.

Branding is about making other feel included, informed, more hip, more in the "know," more cool than anybody else.

We want to be able to trust what we you say, what we buy, and whom we buy it from. That's why Coke is still the number one brand in the world. The more we know about a brand, the more we trust it. The more we trust it, the more we buy it and continue to experience it. The more we experience it, the more loyal we become.

Loyalty is the currency that cannot be traded for dollars.

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