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What Influencer Beauty Mogul Supa Cent Making $1 Million in Less Than An Hour Can Teach Us About Influential Marketing

On Friday, March 1st, 2019, Raynell Steward, better known as Supa Cent hosted a sale of her cosmetics, The Crayon Case. She called the sale #Taxmas and sold out in less than an hour on all products with over 23,000 orders to fill. The sale grossed $1.37 million. 

Here is Supa's screenshot of the sales.

Before starting her company, Supa Cent became a social media sensation, making funny videos on The Vine. Her videos can also be seen on YouTube and she has built a huge following on Instagram as well. So what can we learn from this Influencer's success. Influential marketing can be very effective.

Innately, we are always skeptical about engaging with people of whom we don’t know and don't have relationship with. Especially, when it comes to making purchases. Customers want some guarantee that they will get what they purchase and the product/service is quality.

Therefore, influencer marketing allows for the opportunity to build a relationship with audiences. The audience feels as if they know the influencer and over time they have built trust with them. In addition, the influencer wants to provide their followers with information, products, and services that are of value to them. They care about their audience. Therefore, when the influencer introduce the product/service, they audience feels confident about making a purchase.

However, influential marketing is not about finding someone with a major following and getting them to blast your product/services on their platform. Just like any marketing endeavor, your efforts should be strategic. Thus, the influencer should have the right audience. Their audience should match your target market, message, and share a common goal. Otherwise, your efforts will be unsuccessful.

The first time Supa hosted this type of sale was back in November 26, 2018. During that time, she sold out in less than 2 hours, in which she also made $1 million. Her ability to influence others has now given her a powerful voice to her own brand. After selling out so quickly, she graciously thanked her customers and apologized to them for selling out. Her customers showed her so much love and voiced how she is truly an inspiration for them.

It should also be noted that Supa is also known for her charitable giving. She broke the Guinness World Record for collecting 5,019 toys in one hour in December of 2018.

While influential marketing continues to evolve, more marketers must consider it commanding effects and begin to focus on building relationships as influencers.

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