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This is How Comedian Bryon Allen Rebranded Himself Into A Media Mogul, Did You Know He Owns The Weather Channel?

Bryon Allen is the founder and sole owner of Entertainment Studios. His company is worth over a billion dollars. In fact, he bought the weather channel for $300 Million. His story of success is so fascinating because in a US Today special interview, he tells Paul Brunson, how he was forced to file bankruptcy and that failure led him to a sunken place. 

Byron began his career in the 80’s. at age 17, as the youngest comedian on the Johnny Carson’s Show. His vision to become a comedic star, started while his mother worked as a tour guide for NBC. Having received fame, money, and a successful career Byron, decided to launch his entrepreneurial dream of owning a media company.

That company failed, but that didn’t stop Bryson. He gather himself at his kitchen table while in his undies and launched his now self-owned company Entertainment Studios.

What’s even more interesting is, Byron is the sole owner of his company. He talks how that wasn’t his vision initially. He sought investors and capital, but like many black entrepreneurs and women of color, he was rejected and faced the same financial disparities, stemming from racially-based biases.

In fact, Bryson shared a story in which one of his white salesmen reluctantly confided in him that a potential client affirmed, “I will not work with you because you work for that N-word”. Bryson admits, that it was these type of No’s, that drove him and his team to make it happen in spite of the rejection.

Bryon owns several companies under the branch of Entertainment Studios. In 2016, he also bought TheGrio.com, a digital news platform that shares the underrepresented stories, already existing national news outlets, but from African-Americans community’s perspectives.

When people are successful, we often focus on their success. We fail to understand the years of struggle they endured and the obstacles they faced.

That misleads many into believing that we can obtain success without failure. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. In fact, the the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 50 percent of new businesses close within five years. Many entrepreneurs will admit that they have tried several businesses before reaching success. So if you’ve failed then know you’re that much closer to success.

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