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Tourism Grant For Entrepreneurs In Emporia, KS: Next Deadline 8/1/19

The Emporia Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) mission is enhancing economic development through tourism. The goal is inspire visitors, to stay overnight, dine, shop and play in Emporia.
Preference is given to events/projects that are distinctive, create a positive energy, push average boundaries and most closely match the mission and goals of the CVB.

The program will assist in the start-up phase, but is not designed to cover the entire expense of the event/project. Applications will be accepted for both nonprofit and for-profit entities.

CVB has already given $9,300 in funding to eight distinguished organizations. The deadline for the next round of consideration is August 1, 2019. Applications can be submitted online at: https://visitemporia.com/tourism-grant-guidelines/

Entrepreneurs can also learn more about their scoring metrics here: https://visitemporia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/2017-Tourism-Grant-Scoring-Criteria-office-use-only.xlsx

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