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Polo Leteka Started Her Company To Bring Resolve To Black Entrepreneurs Not Having Access To Funding

While many very bright and hopeful black entrepreneurs cross the threshold into entrepreneurship, they often face more major struggles. In fact, many have discovered they are faced with the same financial disparities encountered in their workplace, stemming from racial and gender-based biases.

Likewise, black entrepreneurs are challenged with accessing business credit and capital. These battles often preclude business growth, blockage from grasping long term business successes, and imbalance profit margins

This then produces larger wealth gaps among blacks. You’ll be happy to know that businesswoman Polo Leteka has started a company, IDF Captial, to bring resolve to black entrepreneurs not having access to funding.

Polo, an accountant by trade, is renowned as a thought leader. She began her career at a very young age and is immensely experience in both the Public and Private sectors within the South African market. However, she is most distinguished for her transformational work within the economic development of corporate South Africa.

As the Executive Director and Co-founder of IDF Capital, a South African based advisory firm, her mission is to become the leading financial services provider to black entrepreneurs on the African continent. Business Report states, the company has been working to raise $100 million USD, all while having already closed at $50m USD.

Polo is passionate about helping Africa and Africans to achieve economic development potential through entrepreneurship. In addition, in 2015, she also co-founded AlitheiaIDF to continue investing in high growth businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa that are women owned and led.

To learn more about Polo Leteka visit: https://za.linkedin.com/in/polo-leteka-3a677212

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